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A true symbol of France, Camembert cheese is an integral part of our everyday eating experience. In just 2 centuries it has become so familiar to us that it is now considered part of our national gastronomic heritage. A local speciality that is also very popular beyond our borders, it is paradoxically the epitome of French refinement.
In 1791 during the French revolution and just a short distance from here in Beaumoncel manor, Camembert was born out of an encounter between a cantankerous priest and Marie Harel - a farmer living in the Auge. In the heart of the village of Camembert a late 18th / early 19th century building has been restored to become home to the Maison de Camembert. It offers a showcase for the most emblematic of French cheeses and pays tribute to Marie Harel in the historic place in which this great saga began.